Service & Repair

NO job too small – Chainline offers a range of bike servicing from basic to a full strip down and rebuild packages.

There is also a price list for individual service and repairs below the bike servicing packages:


Splash & Dash
Basic Service
Recommended every 0 - 6 Months
Full Cycle Safety Check
Lubricate Chain
Brakes Checked & Adjusted
Tyres Inspected And Inflated
Basic Bike Wash
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Intermediate Service
A full service and performance review
Recommended every 6 - 12 months
As Splash & Dash Plus :
Check & Adjust All Bearings
inc. headset, bottom bracket & hubs
Replace Brake Pads *
Replace And Lubricate All Cables
Basic Wheel Truing
Full Degrease Of Components
Lubricate Derailleurs & Chain
Full Torque Of All Nuts & Bolts
Test Ride
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Intensive Service
The ultimate annual service
Recommended every 12 - 18 months
As Intermediate Service Plus :
Complete Disassembly Of Cycle
(excluding Suspension Forks & Hydraulic Brakes)
All Bearings Removed, Cleaned & Re Greased
New Inner Brake Cables Supplied & Fitted
New Inner Gear Cables Supplied & Fitted
Advanced Wheel Truing
Frame polish & Re Build
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The individual prices for bike repair and servicing are listed below, if there is anything else you would like a bike repair price for please just drop us a line for a free quotation.

Gear Indexing £10
Fit New Chain £10
Replace Derailleur Hanger £10
Fit/Replace Derailleur £10
Fit/Replace Gear Shifters £20
Replace Gear Cable Outer £10
Replace Gear Cable Inner £7.50
Fit/Replace Front Chainring £10
Fit/Replace Crankset £15
Fit/Replace Bottom Bracket £15
Service Bottom Bracket £20
Exchange/Fit New Cassette £10
Fit New Pedals £10
Adjust Headset £10
Fit/Replace Headset £20
Frame Alignment Check £20
Fit/Replace Forks £20
Cut Fork Stem £20
Fit/Replace Seat and/or Seat Post £10
Fit Mudguards, Cycle Racks Etc £15
Fit/Replace Bar Tape- Standard £10, Candy Cane £15, Harlequin £20
Fit/Replace Handlebars £20
Fit/Replace Stem £10
Fit/Replace Tyre £5
Replace Inner Tube £10 (including New Standard Tube)
Wheel Truing from £10
Spoke Replacement £15 (Spoke not Included) Service Wheel Hub £15
Adjust Wheel Hub £5
Hub Replacement from £30 (Hub not Included)
Bespoke Bike Builds from £80
Insurance Inspection and Quote £15
Clean and Full Degrease £20
Fit/Replace Brake Pads £10
Fit/Replace Rim Brake (Non Hydraulic) £20
Fit/Replace Hydraulic Brake Caliper £30
Replace Brake Hose £20
Fit/Replace Brake Disc £15
Hydraulic Brake Bleeding £15
Brake Adjustment £10
Replace Brake Cable Outer £10
Replace Brake Cable Inner £7.50
Build a bike from a box £20
Fit Child Seat/Trailer £20